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Free Home Delivery Service
Iris City Cleaners and Laundering Company, Mt. Pleasant, Iowa now offers free Home Delivery Service for all of your dry cleaning and laundry needs. The Cleaners offers you professional dry cleaning, laundry and alteration services – conveniently picked up and delivered right to your office or home.

The Best Dry Cleaning Pickup & Delivery Service Ever…Guaranteed.

You should be having your dry cleaning picked up and delivered. It’s crazy if you’re not. It doesn’t cost any more–actually you’ll save some gas money and the time to go get it because we do that for you for free. And the convenience is wonderful.

Does this sound familiar:

“It’s a rainy Friday morning and you’re on your way to work. You usually stop by the dry cleaners. You’re drinking some coffee and talking on your cell phone not really paying attention to the landscape and you drive right by. You’re running late, so you don’t turn around. You make a mental note to go there tonight on your way home. You forget again and finally make it there on Saturday. It’ll be ready Wednesday. You leave work late and you’re rushing to get to the dry cleaner before it closes. You don’t make it.”


Let us pick-up and deliver your dry cleaning and help simplify your life. You don’t need the hassle of doing something that we can do for you — and on top of that, it doesn’t cost any more.

Why not let us show you the luxury (without the cost) of dry cleaning/ laundry pick-up and delivery? There is no additional charge for our dry cleaning pickup and delivery service…when we say FREE, we mean it!

Do You Want Options?

How About Twice a Week?

With twice a week service where we come to your home (or business) twice each week to pick up and delivery your cleaning. You don’t have to have something to clean every week, but we do ask our customers to average at least $30.00 a month in dry cleaning and laundry. And with this service level we will give you $10.00 in free cleaning just to try us out.

How about "One Way" service?

You can drop off at one of our cleaning center locations ( Mt Pleasant, New London, Fairfield, Burlington, West Point, Ft. Madison, Washington, Iowa City, Wayland, Winfield, Washington, Wapello, Mediapolis, New London, Danville, and growing.) and we’ll return you clean clothes on the next regular service day for your area…OR… We’ll pick up the soiled clothes, clean them and have them ready the next weekday afternoon and you can pick them up at your convenience. If you are still running late call us toll free 888 485 9707 and we will wait for you all at no extra charge.

How About "On Call" service?

We ask that our pickup and delivery customers average about $30 a month in cleaning…in order to make this service work effectively for both you and Iris City Cleaners So what if you don’t have that much? Just ask for our “On Call” service. All you have to do is call our main location and ask for a pick up. On your next regular service day, we’ll stop by and pick up your cleaning and return it on the next regular service day. It’s almost magic!

How About Rush Service?

Been out of town a while…and just about everything needs cleaning and pressing? Or maybe there is just something special your need cleaning right away. Just call our Route Manager, Kim Vaughn at 888 485 9707/ 319 385 9707 and she’ll do whatever she can to solve your dry cleaning needs…all at no extra charge!

How About Next Day Service?

Yes, we can even give you free pickup today followed by next day delivery on weekdays. We have a few hoops to jump through to get this done…but we’ll do it for our regular pickup and delivery customers when you have that special need. And this is still FREE DELIVERY!

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