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Pillow Renovation

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Feather pillows and feather ticking are still very popular. We clean feather pillows and ticking by cleaning, fluffing, sanitizing, and deodorizing all of the feathers and put them back in a new 4 oz ticking of 5 design and color choices. (Consult our order form and color chart below) The old ticking is discarded and replaced with a feather-proof ticking. One of our nicest products. If your are a feather pillow user, try us. We will ship any wear. We guarantee your satisfaction with our rebuilt and refurbished pillows. We encourage you to do an annual checkup of your pillows. It is where you lay your head for a third of your life. You deserve to always have your pillows fresh and clean.

Great Prices Standard King Queen
Pillow Renovation / Cleaning $18.00 $22.00 $26.00


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