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Disaster Recovery at Iris City Cleaners

Disaster Recovery and Restoration of Your Household and Personal Items

Textile that has been subject to smoke and soot resulting from fire can be restored. We use a combination of ozone and hydroxols in decontaminating and deodorizing textile, fur, and leather items. We have specially built chambers to treat these item and after treatment they are cleaned and spotted to restore them to odor free freshness and color. We also use these environmentally friendly to eliminate other odors caused by animals, mildew and water damage.

Iris City Cleaners and Laundering Company also offers smoke and odor treatment services for garments and other textile products, from pickup and delivery repair, restoration and finishing. The restoration objective is to return to the retail, industrial, commercial, and residential customer, textiles in the most presentable and usable condition.

Disaster Recovery
Disaster Recovery

We use and apply industry standards, procedures, chemicals and equipment in carefully controlled environment to conduct our restoration work. Disaster recovery and restoration managers, customer service personnel, and information management systems are in place to minimize administrative time and costs from pickup to return.

24-7 Disaster Recovery Managers - Response

  • A garment Disaster Recovery Manager is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
  • Field Screening, Sorting, and Packaging
  • Iris City Cleaners and Laundering Company will pick up items on site or be on hand to oversee receipt of items at our cleaning facility

We will then assess garments for thermal damage and other contaminants, identify items for successful restoration, and sort and package items to prevent further damage and maximize restoration potential.


One of our specialists will immediately begin restoration activities, including vacuum particulate removal, insure appropriate drying processes for each item, and triage for the most effective final restoration process. During this procedure, where necessary we will remove soot and corrosive combustion products and eliminate mold and fungus risk, where possible.

Ozone Treatment

After pre-processing, items will be treated in our high performance, controlled ozone chamber. Here, oxygen O2 is converted electronically to O3 which is ozone and becomes a very powerful oxygenating gas which affixes oxygen molecules to eliminate the violate organic components which account for 99.5% of all smoke odors. Our ozone process does not use chemical cover-ups; ozone safely removes the odor-causing agents without risk to delicate fabrics.

Odorox Hydroxyl Treatment

After preprocessing, items will be treated in our high performance Hydroxyl generating chamber. Here we rely on the hydrogen radicals to cascade and penetrate textile and more safely remediate odor. It can be used in conjunction to ozone but is quickly becoming the odor treatment of choice.


After soot, mold, water and odor removal, we will expertly clean each item using, where appropriate, specialty processes in dry-cleaning, aqueous based wet side cleaning or a combination of both.


After cleaning, Iris City Cleaners and Laundering Company experienced fine garment finishers will fold and wrap laundry; press, hang, and bag shirts and dry cleaning; and assemble and package curtains, drapes, bed/table linens and other household furnishings readying them for return in time to our customer.

Rigid Quality Standards

Iris City Cleaners and Laundering Company operates its cleaning plant using strict quality standards with multiple quality checks from start to finish. Items, which cannot meet the standards as they move through the restoration process, are not charged to the customer.


Iris City Cleaners and Laundering Company provides controlled condition storage for some or all items in an order.


Iris City Cleaners and Laundering Company provides delivery, including closet hanging, of all completed goods.

Cleaning Done Right

We are confident of our fire restoration processes that it will charge only for those garments from which soot, odor, and other combustion contaminants are successfully removed.

Insurance Companies/ Reconstruction Contractors

Iris City Cleaners and Laundering Company has positive working relations with Nationally based insurance companies as well as many contractors specializing in reconstruction and restoration of building and structures, and work hand in hand with them from claim to restoration to return of items to our customers.

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