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Wash, Dry & Fold Personalized Laundry Service at Iris City Cleaners

Wash, Dry, Fold Laundry Services If you are one of our regular dry-clean customers it is easy to add your WFD service to your orders.

2.90 @ Pound


How It Works:

  • 1. Put your soiled laundry in any bag or preferably one of our nylon draw string bags with identification tag attached. (No need to separate light and dark items).
  • 2. Call us for a pickup 319-385-9707 or 888-485-9707, drop at our curb service window, deposit any time in our 24 hour convenient drop box at the Cleaners, or at any of the locations in your city we serve. We take it from there.
  • 3. As an option. put our app on your Smart device I Dry Clean Pro/ Iris City Cleaners to: register as a customer, notify us of a pickup need, check our prices, see when your order is ready, and let us know, if you are picking up, and when you will be there.
  • 4. We wash, dry, and fold your items and follow any specialty task you request.
  • 5. Items will be returned neatly packaged and folded in a return bag with your identification tag attached.

Our WASH•DRY•FOLD laundry service makes it easy to add laundry service to your weekly pick-up & delivery, or in-store drop off and pick-up, and at any of our drop locations in the 15 cities we serve.

WHY? The average American family does 8-10 loads of laundry per week. A single load of laundry from start to finish takes an average of 1 hour 27 minutes. How much time could you gain back from outsourcing this chore? 87 minutes x 5 loads /60 = 7.25 hours per week Our WDF service is not necessarily intended to replace home laundry but to ease the labor involved and to save our customers some money. With no cost pickup and delivery to your home or office, the time savings and convenience is remarkable.

This service is ideal for:

  • Busy professionals who would like to "outsource" this chore.
  • Massage clinics, dental or doctor's offices.
  • Families with a high volume of laundry and not enough time.
  • Students living in dormitories or apartments.
  • People back from or going on vacation.
  • Anyone who doesn't like doing laundry and imagines they have better things to do with their time.

Wash, Dry, Fold Laundry Services

Same day Wash-Dry-Fold service. That’s easy!

If we have your items by 9 am they will be ready by 3 pm at our Mt. Pleasant location. If you are dropping at any of the outreach communities our pickup and return will follow the service schedule there.
• Burlington - Wednesday
• Ft Madison - Tuesday and Thursday
• Fairfield - Monday
• Washington - Tuesday and Thursdays.

So what are my options:
ON your first order tell us about special features you want us to use: for example cold water, softeners, bleach, etc. and we will take it from there: use our service as you need it, weekly, monthly - you’re in charge.

Special Requests: Look at our brochure that lists options for special treatment of our WDF items. Be sure you let us know if you desire any of them. (Click here)

Wash, Dry, Fold Laundry Services

Frequently Asked Question

How does Iris City Cleaners track my clothes? Iris City Cleaners has developed computerized system to track your laundry from pick up all the way through delivery back to you. We do not mix your clothes with other customer’s items to eliminate the risk of mix-ups.

What does 10 pounds of laundry look like? Here are examples of what weight in soiled dry laundry might include. But you are in charge send us what you need cleaned.

10 Pounds 20 Pounds 40 Pounds
2 pairs of jeans 4 pairs of jeans 8 pairs of jeans
2 long-sleeve shirts, polo non iron 1 pair of shorts 2 pairs of shorts
5 t-shirts 4 long-sleeve shirts, polo non iron 8 long-sleeve shirts
1 cotton sweater/sweat shirt 10 t-shirts 20 t-shirts
7 pairs of undergarments tops and bottoms 3 cotton sweaters/sweat shirts 4 cotton sweaters/sweat shirts
7 pairs of socks 14 pairs of undergarments tops and bottoms 28 pairs of undergarments
1 towel 14 pairs of socks 28 pairs of socks
1 set of sheets 1 set of sheets 6 towels
One throw rug 3 towels 2 sets of sheets
One throw rug 1 - 3'x5' throw-rug
Wash, Dry, Fold Laundry Services

Of course, your laundry may vary from these "average" loads. But, in practice, customers tell us they like the feel of their clothes, the promptness in delivery, care in packaging, and extra time they now have.

To make the process even simpler, in addition to the per # pound method, we also offer two laundry bag sizes, each with a set price. All you have to do is fill your bag and leave it for your route driver, bring it to one of our convenient locations, drop in secure drop locker, or use our curb side window. When it’s done, we return your folded laundry along with the bag back to you. With your credit card securely on file with us we can charge it directly.


Medium Bag: $29.00 stuffed - (10 Pounds) Large Bag: $49.00 stuffed - (20 Pounds)
A la carte laundry service: $2.90 /lb 8 lb minimum

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