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Distance Services at Iris City Cleaners

Distance Cleaning Services

Distance services is a concept originating from the marriage of technology to actualize the market from afar or from a distance. A parallel to this comes from the educational world when the concept of distance learning, learning from afar through electronic medium is broadcast and delivered to an exclusive audience.

In addition to our regular service lineup the distance service concept is created for customers worldwide who want specialized services which includes high end and custom cleaning done with special,often vintage or antique items of museum quality or destination. These items may include: specialty gowns, fancy and beaded garments, bridal gowns, Linens, heirloom items, one of a kind items, or the restoration of vintage clothing and hard to clean items. Including down fill products with specialty in pillows and feather tick beds.

Distant Services

We do provide 100% satisfaction guarantee to these specialty service just like we do with all of our services and we do it with pride.

Distance Service is a worldwide cleaning and restoration service that specializes in silk and beaded garments, couture and evening gowns, bridal gowns, vintage clothing, or any difficult or stained garments. This is an exclusive service in which the best technology is applied to items that are often at risk in cleaning, or on items other cleaners refuse to take. Take a look at our distance service line up here. We offer FREE SHIPPING any where in the United States, Shared shipping costs to other parts of North America, and customer shipping costs in other parts of the world. 10-14 working days with a $100.00 minimum order. 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed!

Just follow the easy steps below:

  • Fill out the "Request For Service" form with a description of all items to be cleaned. If You want a shipping carton, be sure to indicate your request to have a free shipping carton directly sent to your home.
  • If you want to know shipping cost, you must know the box dimensions, and weight as well as zip codes of pickup and destination ( our is 52641-2147) Click here for UPS Calculator. Or here for Fed Ex Shipping Calculator.

    Our Guarantee: If, for any reason, you are not satisfied with our cleaning service, we will re-clean the garment at our expense or refund your money. It's that simple!

    Distant Services Prices

    Garment Regular Garments Vintage Garments
    Pants $12.50 - 25.00 $16.50 - 50.00
    Sweaters $12.50 - 40.00 $18.50 - 65.00
    Blouses $12.50 - 40.00 $18.50 - 65.00
    Skirts $12.50 - 40.00 $18.50 - 65.00
    Sports Jackets $14.50 - 50.00 $25.00 - 75.00
    2 Piece Suit $22.50 - 75.00 $35.00 - 95.00
    Plain Dress $20.00 - 60.00 $28.50 - 95.00
    Outer Jacket $18.50 - 50.00 $26.50 - 75.00
    Coat $24.50 - 50.00 $40.00 - 85.00
    Neck Tie $6.50 - 8.50 $9.50 - 14.50
    Evening Gowns $28.50 and up $40.00 and up
    Bridal Gown Preserve $275.00 and up Must see to quote
    Bridal Gown Restore $350.00 and up Must see to quote
    Leather Jacket $42.50 - 75.00 $55.00 and up
    Leather Coat $48.50 - 95.00 $65.00 and up
    Bedspreads/Comforters $40.00 - 75.00 $55.00 and up
    Table Linens $32.50 - 75.00 $40.00 and up

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