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Shoe Repair at Iris City Cleaners

Shoe Repair

Main Street Shoe and Boot Repair is located in our plant.

Our shoemaker has been doing shoes off and on for nearly 30 years. We have a complete shop and all the necessary equipment to handle most any shoe need. Even some of the "throw-a-ways" of today can be repaired and refurbished. We frequently do orthopedic foot wear adjustments either on customer request or podiatrist prescriptions.

Our shoe repair personnel network enables us to offer custom shoe building and well as extreme orthopedic problems footwear construction and reconstruction. Call us for for personalized consultation on orthopedic issues. Consult our price list on this page. Allow two weeks for turn around from receipt to finish. We repair shoes the old fashioned way. With extraordinary attention to detail, construction and finish while being patient and taking the time to do them right.

Half soles with rubber heels $85.00 Boot Stretching $ 8.00
Full crepe soles with crepe heels $85.00 Shoe Stretching $ 8.00
Rockport style Vibram soles $90.00 Heel shields $ 4.00
Full Vibram lug soles with lug heels $95.00 Heel or toe plates (pair) ... (metal or plastic) $ 4.00
Half soles (no heels) $68.00 New elastic (each) $ 7.00
Rubber heels $30.00 Shorten belts starting at $ 8.50
Combination leather/rubber heels $35.00 Shoe shine and recondition $ 8.00
WESTERN BOOT REPAIRS Boot shine and recondition $12.00
1/2 sole with rubber heels $90.00 SHOE DYEING AND REGLAZING
1/2 sole (no heels) $65.00 Shoe dye (same or new color) $25.00
Premium full soles w/ rubber heels 120.00 Fabric dying (new) $22.00
Rubber heels $30.00 Fabric stripping and Re-dyeing (new color
LADIES' SHOES (SOLES) not guaranteed) $28.00
Full soles (wedge style only) $46.00 Boot Dye $35.00
Half soles ( leather or rubber) $56.00 Boot Glazing $18.00
TOPLIFTS Shoe Glazing $15.00
Top's (spikes) (caps)(heels taps) $ 9.75 ZIPPERS
Flats $22.00 Cost of shoe/boot zipper plus labor $29 - $62 range
Rubber heels for boots $22.00
Loafer style heels $26.00
Cut down for comfort additional $16.00

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